Dialogue: Lost in Paracuru

Publicado: 4 de junho de 2013 em Uncategorized

* Tourist

# Native woman



* _ Excuse-me, mam, is there a bank near here?

# _ A bank?

* _ Yes, a bank.

# _ Hum… Let me see… Yes, there is a bank on the corner of Ormezinda Sampaio and Jose Teles Street.

* _ And how can I get there?

# _ It is easy. Go straight ahead, turn right on the second street, walk for three blocks and then, turn left. The bank is across from the supermarket.

*_ Thank you very much. You are very kind. By the way, where did you learn your English? You speak English very well. Congratulations.

# _ You’re welcome! Answering your question, I have learned it at Herminio Barroso School and I love speaking English so much. I wish I can travel to the USA and I am sure that I am going to improve it.

* _ Nice meeting you, mam.

# _ Nice meeting you too and enjoy your stay in Paracuru.

* _ Thank you for your help.


Gean, Isabel and Meg,

Paracuru, 4 de junho de 2013.

  1. Daniella disse:

    Great dialogue. It seems that ones you got from an English Course Book form the Language schools.

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